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Evangelist: Bro. Micah Powell

Worship Leader: Bro. Paul Byford

Please make #OBE2019  a matter of prayer! 

July 29-Aug 2, 2019

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2019 General Camp Schedule: updated Aug1, 2019


2:00 p.m.  Camp Opens. (Please: No early arrivals--You will NOT be allowed to enter camp)

2:00-4:00 p.m. Registration, get cabin assignments,  Pay fees, then free time.  NO ONE enters camp until all fees are paid! 

Sponsor(s) must be at the pool for your group each swim time. Pool is 3' on shallow end--you must bring your own lifejackets!

3:00 – Pool open for girls

3:45 – Pool open for boys

5:00 p.m. Superintendents meet with sponsors.,   Program Chairman and teachers meet also.

6 p.m.  Time to Eat!!!  Report to Cedar Hall (Cafeteria)

6:45pm Church Group Time in assigned areas

7:30 Worship Service in the Tabernacle.

ALL campers (all ages) are required to attend evening worship services each night!

8:30pm-9:30pm Snack Shack  (Canteen time each night after evening services)

9:30pm-10:15pm Crobster Hunt

10:30 p.m.  Campers to Cabin.  Sponsors please control this.

10:45 p.m.  Lights out, time to be quiet and go to sleep—no one is to be outside of their cabins. Campers: phones OFF until after breakfast!



7:45 am  Breakfast. 

8:00am  Time for prayer, devotional thought for the day, & wake up songs.

9:00 am  Group Games

10:00 am  Tournaments/Free Time

11:00 am  Bible Quiz (in Tabernacle) 

12:00 pm  Lunch

1:00 pm  Worship in Tabernacle

1:30 pm  Class Tuesday: Meet in Tabernacle to get class assignments and locations.  Class time is 45 minutes. 

ALL campers (all ages) are required to attend their respective class each day & church group time!

2:30 pm  Quiet Reflection Time in your own cabin.  No one outside of their cabin.  Personal time with God.

Thursday weather changes: 

9am  meet in tabernacle with Bibles

9:15 class time

10:30-11 Free time 

11 Bible quiz 

12pm Eat

1pm Quiet time

1:30-2:30 tournaments 


3:00 pm  Free Time

         3:00 pm Girls Swim  

         3:45 pm Boys Swim  

         4:30 Sponsors & Small Children

    Other options: Giant Swing; Target Sports; Slides (60' or 120'); Bazooka Ball; Various Recreation Games

5:30 pm  Bible Quiz

6:00 pm  Dinner; report to Cedar Hall

6:45 pm  Church Group Time

7:30 pm  Worship service

Tuesday: Talent Night after worship; you will need to sign up with Joel Young at camp

10:00… Follow the same schedule as Monday night

10:30 pm Lights out 

                                              We will take a special offering on Wednesday night for Missionary and/or Guest Musician for the week.


7:00am  Last day.  Get up and packed to leave!

7:45 am  Meet in Tabernacle.  Check-out and Clean-up instructions. Go to breakfast. 

8:15am  Clean Tabernacle, Dining Hall, Cabins, Grounds, and Activities Areas. Inspection of cabins and outside areas.

9:45 am  Meet in Tabernacle for Awards.

After the Awards Program, Camp officially ends and your group will be approved for departure.

We will need a couple churches to plan to briefly stay to help ensure everything is packed away and cleaned after camp is over.  


Friday Cleanup assignments: 

Tabernacle: Temple, Victory 

Activities area to the Hub: Sale Barn

The Hub: FBC Galena 

Tabernacle to Jones Center: Beacon 

Hub to Tabernacle: New Prospect 

Chipmunk to Tabernacle: Fellowship 

Jones Center: Summers

Softball field to softball field: Grace

Activities area: Mt Pleasant, Mt Zion

Activities area to Shooting area: Prairie Oaks

Otter to Slides: Round Mountain 



Please note that each division will compete each day!   Matthew 1-20 is where Bible Quiz questions will be taken from for 2019.  Churches may use any translation for study and answering questions--please inform judges which translation you used. 

Senior High Division (Grades 10-College)

Junior High Division (Grades 7-9)

Elementary Division (Grade 6 and under)



Swim Times:  Sponsor(s) must be at the pool for your group each swim time.

3:00  Girls

3:45  Boys

4:30 Sponsors & Small Children.

Basketball Tournaments:  Elementary: Tues; Jr Hi: Wed; Sr Hi: Thurs

Tetherball Tournaments:  Primary: Tues; Elementary: Tues; Jr Hi: Thurs

Horseshoe Tournaments: Jr Hi: Tues; Sr Hi: Wed; Adult: Thurs


Giant Swing  will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the afternoon each day from 3:00-5:25

Target Sports will be Open for 1-hour in the morning Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10:00 -11:00 (this time may be used as part of group games) then it will open again in the afternoon each day from 3:00-5:00

Bazooka Ball will be Open for 1-hour in the morning Tuesday, Wednesday 10:00 -11:00 (this time may be used as part of group games) then it will open again in the afternoon each day from 3:00-5:00

Paint Ball will ONLY be Open from 3:00 – 5:00 on Thursday for an Adult & Teen Battle (14 & older ONLY; no exceptions)

Slides will be open each day in the afternoon Monday thru Thursday from 3:00-5:25


*Primary=1st-3rd grades; Elementary=4th-6th grades


Schedule changes will be posted at the front of the Tabernacle and/or Cedar Hall.





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